TechNews – Technology Magazine WP Theme

TechNews is a modern technology WordPress theme built to make content rich news websites. Because of its complex structure, this theme took us the most time out of all the themes that we have released so far. It has a review ratings feature built into it as well, this theme presents your content in a way that your readers can easily browse through the valuable content which you have to offer to them. We Craft each and every pixel of the element manually, which is why they look so professional.

Around 30 – 50% of people are browsing the internet through Smartphones, so it is crucial for you to provide a Mobile responsive version to your audience, or otherwise you are missing out on user engagement. TechNews theme is a Mobile responsive WordPress theme that will fit perfectly in Phones, Tablets and other Smart devices.¬†TechNews WordPress theme can be used for Technology News websites, News Portals, Tech magazines, SmartPhone news websites and General magazine Websites. READ MORE…

TechNews - Technology Magazine WP Theme

Let your visitor see beyond navigation with Mega Menu

Mega Menu has always been very complex to use for normal (semi-technical) users, but we have made it very easy for you to setup Mega Menu, with just a click of a button. This Theme supports normal dropdown hierarchy menus as well as Mega Menu dropdown.

Review Options with Google Structured Data Support

The new ‘Review Options’ makes it easy for you to add product reviews. Reviewing a Gadget involves lots of data, So we have built a user friendly interference for you to conclude it properly, which is not only good for search engines but for your audience as well. No need to raise your eyebrows while reading the word ‘Search Engine’, there is a reason I have used it and it is that TechNews review options supports Google Structured Data & Schema support. It helps you stand out from the other search results on Google and It also boosts the content weight of your webpage.

Responsive WordPress theme for Smartphones

Article by has published this great article ‘3 Reasons Why Responsive Web Design is the Best Option For Your Mobile SEO Strategy’ which helps you understand the importance of responsive websites. A recent report by¬† says that ‘Mobile Now 28 Percent Of Total Web Traffic’ which I think is enough to help you understand why responsive web design is most important.

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